Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First post.....can anyone relate

"The Transitional Years"...I like to take credit for the term.....thought it suited this time in life quite well. Stepping out of one life where Taco Tuesdays often turn into a 2am stumble home, to attending baby showers and telling your friends you can't hang out because you have to work on the welcome letters for your wedding. As much as I sometimes miss the continual stream of Sunday Fundays, clubs, late night randomness and beer pong tournaments, I find myself enjoying more of the causal movie nights, making dinner at home with a bottle of wine, or getting sucked into one of the many cheesy realisty shows that Lani likes.

As life progresses and you find your other half, the priorities slowly start to change and you have a better sense of yourself and a purpose in life. I met the love of my life (Lani) about 2 years ago and I knew my life had changed from the moment I met joke. I've traveled around the world twice, visited nearly 50 different countries, lived and worked all over, tried to find the meaning of happiness and find "the one"....and when I least expected it, there she was, the woman I had been searching for this whole time, dropping a key off to me for my new apartment.

Now we navigate through this trasitional period together and the adventures continue as we teeter between the life we knew and the life we don't yet know but are so excited to share together. I literally had a conversation with a friend this morning about how he blacked out and didn't remember what the girl loked like he met the night before, and no sooner do I get off the phone do I get a call from another friend who is trying to arrange a babysitter for his child at our upcoming about one extreme to the next.....and here we are in the middle, the transitional years....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Transitional Times

Hello! Scott and I wanted to start a blog about our lives during this funny phase between being single and partying to getting married and becoming domestic. So much going on in this transitional phase of our lives. Friends turning 30, friends having babies, friends breaking up with their significant others, friends that just want to stay single and party forever. It's a balancing act of attending mature dinner parties one night, to doing tequila shots downtown the next. Stay tuned for the adventures of Scott and Lani. Next up: we are getting married in 3 weeks, oh my!