Tuesday, August 31, 2010

summer come and gone

How quickly the time flies, married now for 4 months and the summer has come and gone. The warm summer weather and sun makes you want to get out to the beach and makes for later midweek nights since it stays light until 9pm. We've had a great mix of weddings, boating and beach weekends this summer and a continued mix of the young party life and married domesticated life. I still like to think that we are balancing it quite well and dancing that fine line between fun and young and old and married.

One night at 1am in downtown Chicago after a wedding we find ourselves stuffing our faces with cheese fries like it's our first meal of the day and yelling at the large ladies behind the counter at the Weener Circle (which is encouraged and what has made the place famous....hilarious profanity and banter between everyone in the place), and the next day we're walking in the park with another couple and friend, talking about home furnishings and how many years you could feasibly raise a child in the downtown of a large city (2-3 years was the agreed upon answer).

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